Ion exchange resins
  • Ion exchange resins

Ion exchange is a process in which, under certain conditions, resin attracts a positive or negative ion in a solution to reject another ion of the same sign. The majority of resins are manufactured from a polymer and have the appearance of granules or globules.

Thermal deaeration, dissolved CO² deaeration
  • Thermal deaeration
    Oxygen and carbon dioxide present in water are extremely powerful corrosive agents for steel. It is essential to eliminate both.

Deaeration can be achieved chemically (oxygen) or physically (all gases in solution). 

Iron Removal
  • Iron removal

    This process consists in removing the iron ions responsible for the staining proprieties of ferruginous water. Indeed, iron present in water stains a series of materials and deposits in pipeline networks. This treatment enables to avoid it and prevents the clogging of metering equipment, turbines, nozzle pipes and other devices in contact with ferruginous water.

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